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Surface Pro 3

I have had a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 on my desk for about 10 months, I used it here and there for things related to work, or to play a game of Civ. When I changed jobs, I no longer had a use for Windows and the Surface just sat at the back of my desk sad and lonely. I then started to think about how my iPad is okay, but many times when I am out I want to do something in Emacs but can't. So I installed Arch Linux (kernel issues prevented me from getting Fedora running quickly), and now I have a great, light mobile computer that I can do just about anything on.

Update: Now running Fedora 23 with kernel from shvr until everything makes it into the mainline.


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Author: Zach Oglesby

Created: 2018-12-28 Fri 22:52