Zach Oglesby

Scottie B. Scotson.

We got this guy when he was three and it’s been a great 10 years. We are going to miss him .

Smoking for 8 hours

Today (the last day of school) I found out that my kids can drink chocolate milk for free if they buy lunch, but must pay an extra dollar for water. That is just crazy.

Really love the work that @cleverdevil is doing on Known, in fact I like it so much that I am using his overview page as my homepage now.

If you want to use emacsclient with the flatpak use “flatpak run –command=emacsclient org.gnu.emacs” or make that an alias in your shell profile.

With all the talk about tanking in professional sports in the US I think it's time to take a hit from Soccer/Football and add the idea of relegation for the worst performing teams. It would remove the lack of consequences for tanking and add more competition, and teams at a new or reconfigured …

As of today I have been married to Beth, my wonderful wife, for a decade.

I have started working on a GTK IndieWeb reader that would support posting to and could also act as a client, but my time is limited until this summer so it is far off.


Looking into adding dbus HostCommand support via init file or some other means.

@gnomealex I will definitely look into that. I don't like the idea of having my own copies of things like openssh and gnupg inside the flatpak, but they are critical for my workflow. Thanks!

The fact that it’s 2018 and I am seeing more spam on IRC than I have ever before seems crazy to me.

Finally a nice night to sit out and enjoy the weather.

Using org-pdfview from repos adds pdftools from the same repo and that brakes the local system build. It is easier to add this then to package make, autogen, etc that would be needed to rebuild the server to support pdf-tools from melpa.

Need to add org-pdfview to pdftools

I put my emacs flatpak in a repo on my site. I will put a stripped down version on flathub at some point, but I am still fine tuning it for what I want, then I need to work on removing the extra stuff from the package that is not needed.

Thinking about making an IndieWeb Reader for Linux. Its been a while since I played with GTK.

Not spring weather

@ChrisAldrich Yeah, I am still going to write it. I am just not going to spend much time thinking about things I am not interested in for the first pass.

Is there any interest in a @WithKnown exercise plugin?

It is indeed based on Jonathan's Food plugin, but I did forget to put a link to his plugin in the readme, thanks!

I put my new reading plugin for Known on github. Track your book reading IndieWeb style. I still have some work to do on it, but the basic parts work.

It’s hurts that I have spent my career as a DBA and yet I spent an hour trying to get Aperture installed only to realize the docs said I needed a newer version of MariaDB. Always read the docs!

Patapsco State Park

4 Years after hearing @mojavelinux talk about asciidoc at FUDCon Lawrence @Fedora docs has finally moved away from Docbook. Big step forward in reducing the contributor learning curve.