Docs FAD

The Fedora Docs team recently held a Fedora Activity Day (FAD) and I think it was a big success. Late last year the team was talking about how to make it easier for new people to contribute to Docs, and after a lot of great discussion it was decided that we should get together to find a solution. Since the team is spread out all over the global we had two meeting locations linked by video conference. One group was located at Red Hat’s headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina and the other was in Brno, Czech Republic, with a few others (like me) joined in from home to as well.

As the date of the FAD approached more tasks where added to the list, and while we initially wanted to talk about new contributors, several other tasks also got completed. Over the course of three days we worked of the following tasks.

  • A mentoring program
  • Videos for new contributors
  • The Documentation Guide
  • Docs Office Hours
  • The new publican site
  • Plans for handling Docs in the world


In order to help people get started in working on Fedora documentation the team has committed to several tasks. Firstly we are going to revive the mentorship process, this means that when someone shows interest in helping work on documentation someone from the Docs team is going to work with them to make sure they have the tools and skills needed to get things done. While we have always try and help people as a group, assigning new members a single point of contact will help people to fell more comfortable asking questions start out strong. Along with the mentoring we have started to allocate time each week for members of the team to be available on IRC to answer questions. Starting this week we have office hours set for Thursdays from 1800-1900 UTC and Sundays between 1500-1600 UTC.

Docs Website

With the migration to Publican 4, we are also working on refreshing The new site is built using RPMs for each guide and will allow the team to refresh documents quicker and easier. Over the course of the FAD Jared, Pete, and Nick did a lot of work to get that new infrastructure working.


Several people worked on improvements to guides during the course of the FAD as well. The Documentation Guide received a lot of attention, adding information from the style guide along with numerous other updates.

In order to make sure we keep up with the changes happening around Fedora, the group has decided to send a representative from Docs to each Working Groups meetings. Jared will be working with the Cloud group, Pete with the Workstation group, and I will be working with the Server group. Additionally, we have added a section to the release notes to highlight the changes in each product.


I was very happy with the outcome of this FAD, and hope that it will revitalize the Documentation team. The action items we have for work should help the team to stay focused on what needs to be done, and that should allow us to create better documentation for Fedora as we go forward. Thanks to Red Hat for providing space for the FAD, and to everyone who participated.