Sublime Text 2

I love me some emacs, but while I was using OS X on a daily basis I started using TextMate. When I finally got a new computer that could run Fedora better then a Macbook Pro, I started to miss TextMate and that got me looking for an alternative. I finally found Sublime Text 2 and it is a great editor.

I am not sure why its better then gedit, I just enjoy it more. It also helps that on the rare occasion I need to use Windows at work (this is very rare) I can use the same editor with all the same features.

The only issue is that Sublime Text 2 is not open source, nor is their a package for it. This means that I must install more proprietary software on my computer (Skype and Spotify are the other two) and I needed to figure out the best way to work with it.

After looking around online I found an install guide that works better then anything else I have seen here. Their are a few issues with it but most of them are outlined in the comments.

Download Sublime Text 2

tar -xvf sublime_text_file.tar.gz
mv Sublime_Text_2/ /opt/Sublime_Text_2
touch /usr/bin/
chmod 755 /usr/bin/sublime
vi /usr/bin/sublime

Paste the following it in (this will create the executable)

export SUBLIME_HOME="/opt/Sublime_Text_2"
$SUBLIME_HOME/sublime_text $*

To create the desktop icon edit /usr/share/applications/sublime.desktop. Note that this is one of the issues that was in the original posts instructions (the icon was moved because they added more sizes)

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Sublime Text Editor

That's it, you should be able to open the Applications menu from Gnome 3 and search for Sublime. It is also worth noting that there is a nice github project with an install guide for getting more plug-ins.