Zach Oglesby

My daughter scored her first ever goal in the first half of her last game of the season and a clean sheet in goal in the second. Parenting is so fun sometimes.

Commercial during Wildcard games on ESPN “Did you know Google makes a phone?” Yikes. That says a lot out their brand recognition in the phone market.

Pro tip: Make sure you are not scaling a picture of your family on your desktop background. Avoid being asked “Do I really look like that?” For my X11 friends… [✓] feh --bg-fill good [✗] feh --bg-scale bad

Padres lost, but we had a good time.

The thermometer says 77 but I am sweating bullets cutting the grass. East Coast humidity is awful.

Had a great vacation in the Dominica Republic. We really enjoyed getting away as a family and spending time relaxing. Such a beautiful country and wounderful people!

It seems like Microsoft is killing it with the Surface lineup. I am on vacation and I have seen more Surface products than MacBooks or Dell laptops combined. This is obviously not backed up by sales data, but the experience is real if not puzzling.

Doing a complete reinstall of Nixos is so easy. Configure drives, run two commands and I am off to the races with everything just the way I want it. 🥰

Nothing wrong with this…😥🤑🙄. Health care should not be a cash cow. People are literally dying while other get rich off it. UnitedHealth Raises Earnings Outlook as Quarterly Revenue Up 13% - The Wall Street Journal

Finished reading: Leviathan Falls by James S. A. Corey 📚 I am sad that we will not see this play out on TV, but a good end to the series. I almost cried a few times in the final 10 or so chapters.

Who doesn’t throw plates at the wall in a dining room and clear tables. I know I did that all the time when I was in the military. 🫣

I am starting to worry that if the Padres make it to the World Series this year it’s going to be a flash back to 1998 with a behemoth of a Yankees team.

A local book store sent me a package. It went from Washington DC (20 miles away) to Memphis TN. Not sure how that is effective.

I assume Apple did not announce anything to let me run Emacs natively on an iPad.

Can someone tell me if a law was broken leaking the draft Supreme Court ruling? I have not seen that question answered. I really want to understand what level of repercussions are involved, not if it was the right thing to do or not.

Recently found out about I have hundreds of audiobooks on Audible, but I am canceling my membership. I don’t want to support Amazon. provides DRM free downloads and will give a portion of the sales to a local independent book seller.

I would really love a micropub plugin for obsidian.

Finished reading: The Dispossessed: An Ambiguous Utopia by Ursula K. Le Guin 📚 I had never head of this book before, but it was a great read and I think more relivant today than when it was written.

Nix & Emacs

Last week I posted about now I moved to Nix and the ways that it is different from the typical Linux distribution. One of the things that changed for my installations was the way that I manage Emacs packages. ELPA and MELPA packages as available as part of the distribution. Thanks to that effort, I …


I have been using Linux since 2001, most of the time using Red Hat Linux and Fedora. With a short spell of Arch around 2005-2006. Recently I learned about Guix and played with it for a bit, I thought it was cool, but it had a few issues so I moved on to Nix. Both Guix and Nix are very different from …

I should really uninstall Slack from my phone when I go on vacation.

Had to bust out the old DVD drive for my computer tonight. Good thing I kept it around. Tomorrow maybe I’ll find a ZIP disk I need to read.

Currently reading: The Complete Malazan Book of the Fallen by Erikson, Steven 📚

The end of an era. One of my children has finally beat me in a Mario Kart circuit.