Zach Oglesby

It seems like Microsoft is killing it with the Surface lineup. I am on vacation and I have seen more Surface products than MacBooks or Dell laptops combined. This is obviously not backed up by sales data, but the experience is real if not puzzling.

Doing a complete reinstall of Nixos is so easy. Configure drives, run two commands and I am off to the races with everything just the way I want it. 🥰

Nothing wrong with this…😥🤑🙄. Health care should not be a cash cow. People are literally dying while other get rich off it. UnitedHealth Raises Earnings Outlook as Quarterly Revenue Up 13% - The Wall Street Journal

Finished reading: Leviathan Falls by James S. A. Corey 📚 I am sad that we will not see this play out on TV, but a good end to the series. I almost cried a few times in the final 10 or so chapters.

Who doesn’t throw plates at the wall in a dining room and clear tables. I know I did that all the time when I was in the military. 🫣

I am starting to worry that if the Padres make it to the World Series this year it’s going to be a flash back to 1998 with a behemoth of a Yankees team.

A local book store sent me a package. It went from Washington DC (20 miles away) to Memphis TN. Not sure how that is effective.

I assume Apple did not announce anything to let me run Emacs natively on an iPad.

Can someone tell me if a law was broken leaking the draft Supreme Court ruling? I have not seen that question answered. I really want to understand what level of repercussions are involved, not if it was the right thing to do or not.

Recently found out about I have hundreds of audiobooks on Audible, but I am canceling my membership. I don’t want to support Amazon. provides DRM free downloads and will give a portion of the sales to a local independent book seller.

I would really love a micropub plugin for obsidian.

Finished reading: The Dispossessed: An Ambiguous Utopia by Ursula K. Le Guin 📚 I had never head of this book before, but it was a great read and I think more relivant today than when it was written.

Nix & Emacs

Last week I posted about now I moved to Nix and the ways that it is different from the typical Linux distribution. One of the things that changed for my installations was the way that I manage Emacs packages. ELPA and MELPA packages as available as part of the distribution. Thanks to that effort, I …


I have been using Linux since 2001, most of the time using Red Hat Linux and Fedora. With a short spell of Arch around 2005-2006. Recently I learned about Guix and played with it for a bit, I thought it was cool, but it had a few issues so I moved on to Nix. Both Guix and Nix are very different from …

I should really uninstall Slack from my phone when I go on vacation.

Had to bust out the old DVD drive for my computer tonight. Good thing I kept it around. Tomorrow maybe I’ll find a ZIP disk I need to read.

Currently reading: The Complete Malazan Book of the Fallen by Erikson, Steven 📚

The end of an era. One of my children has finally beat me in a Mario Kart circuit.

1 Year Old

Finally got around to testing the Dig Uno and WLED. Next step is replace the lights on the back deck. Then MEGA HOLIDAY lights.

Never posted any pics of the new pup. 🐶

Going to get this custom theme to work at some point…only an hour in.

Just got around to watching the last two episodes of Clone Wars. There can be no doubt that Asoka is the real hero of the whole “Skywalker” story arc, and maybe more.

Tried to use neovim for 3 months, can’t do it, going back to Emacs.